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There is three steps to training your Robotic Monkey. Like looking after any animal, for instance training a cat to use the litter box or teaching a dog to heel, it takes time. However with a Robotic Monkey there is no need for any of that. Its a Robot Monkey,
so that means no feeding or regularly cleaning up your garden for the next 10 years right?Robot MonkeyUnlike your homely pet, Robot Monkeys last a lifetime. This mans best friend is quite literally, for life. For the right  Training  you need to consider time. Think of it as your raising a baby for three days, bonding time for you and your new Robot Monkey is the most important part of the training, this is the stage where you full attention is needed, you’re allowed to programme your Robot Monkey with many different personalities, in a way its like creating your own sim, however in this case its a pet. 

When having a Robot Monkey for a household pet, you need to remember you’re not dealing with your average house pet, you’re dealing with a realistic life form with brilliancy, independence, honesty and a creature striving with positivity helping you with your household tasks you may not have time for in the day, having a loyal house hold Robot Monkey will make you feel at ease when leaving the house for work everyday.

With the choices of the following you can customise you Robot Monkey’s personality and adapt it to your surroundings: Think of this like owning a cat, however Robot Monkeys are programmed to avoid danger such as traffic etc, with the ability of independence the Robot Monkey will safely roam the streets in the day, instead of cooped up inside, allowing freedom – with this feature you can programme the Robot Monkey to set times and with a tracking devise you can always see where your Robot Monkey is heading, not forgetting restrictions, whether you want your Robot Monkey to travel in a 10 mile radios or wether you want it located 50 yards from where you’re located you are fully in control, or if you’re happy to have a house Robot Monkey, the decision is yours, after all its a machine, you can turn it off in the day.

Take a look at these three species that  exhibit human behavioural traits:




With such an generic Robot Monkey you’re quite literally creating your very own personal best friend.