The age of the robots

I recently attended a talk by the Institute of Physics talking about advancements in robotics and what the future might realistically look like; i.e. not what a Hollywood director thinks it might look like. One thing that really did strike me was actually quite how much robotics is already used by us, all the time. […]

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A slight pause… When we got home (cabin) we heated up some breakfast and sat outside enjoying the general environment. We made sure the little man had his proper breakfast, which includes porridge, yogurt and fresh fruit. We had to make a difficult decision, we were meant to travel to a place called “Hogsback” in […]

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Man leads police on 112 mph chase, crashes, then flees with his pet monkey

Photo courtesy of the Burien Police Department. This sounds like an Onion story. But it’s not. As a reformed journalist and unrepentant fan of weird news, this story is classic. Let’s break it down. Related post, which WordPress put on the front page: How weird news teaches us great storytelling

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I think just about all of us are familiar with the Infinite Monkey Theorem: Given an infinite amount of time, a monkey randomly hitting the keys on a typewriter would eventually type out the complete works of Shakespeare. Blows my mind. However. What is more astounding astounding to me than an accidental but accurately typed […]

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