As we’re apart of the RMTBham (Robot Monkey Training Birmingham) Organisation provide the best training to all our customers.With 24 hour service for any inquires or information needed on your new Robot Monkey. The Training can take lass than three days up to a week, its all down to you and how much time you have to give to your robot monkey.

RMTBham – Robot Monkey Training Birmingham – is an online training programme for your Robot Monkey, it provides you with all the information you need to know with setting up your Robot Monkey, from language control, how tame or independent you’d like it to be you are in control.

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To find out what training RMTBham can offer you: visit Or call us on: 0121 123 456 for a consultation and a free training guide book that’ll will be delivered on the day *only if you ring before 10am*